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2. Ticket office is administered by LLC "Kvitki Bel" (hereafter KVITKI BY), address 220030, Minsk, Zybitskaya St, 9, office 39 ; e-mail:
3. KVITKI BY does not act as an organiser of any event. KVITKI BY sells tickets on request and behalf of organisers, promoters, artists, etc., and has no right to set or change the price and sales conditions of tickets, incl. determining seating locations, issuing exchanges or refunds for lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged tickets or for other objects connected with the events. The rights and obligations connected with the ticket are set and informed of by the organiser of the event and KVITKI BY is not liable for the content or fulfilment of or for the changes to these rights and obligations.
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6. Customer receives the ordered ticket(s) accordingly to the chosen delievery option and payment: in case of ordinary bank payment after receiving the order confirmation and in case of credit card payment after 3 working days have passed since the transaction.
7. Courier service deliveries can be used only if the ticket purchase takes place at least 3 business days before the day of the event. KVITKI BY disclaims any liability for in-time delivery of tickets that are purchased later.
8. Courier service is available on business days from 09.00 to 18.00. If the courier fails to give the customer the ordered tickets at a specified address during the above-mentioned time-limit, courier service is regarded as fulfilled (no refund for delivery charges) and the customer receives the ticket from a local KVITKI BY box-office.
9. The deadlines are approximate and KVITKI BY disclaims any liability for the delay of ticket delivery which has been caused by inaccurate data or instructions provided by the ticket office user, by the action of any third party and by other circumstances not dependent on KVITKI BY. KVITKI BY reserves the right to cancel the delivery of ticket(s) if it turns out to become more expensive than expected. If you have not received the tickets by the above-mentioned deadline, please contact us by e-mail:
10. Ticket(s) must be kept in a safe place. Direct sunlight or excess heat may damage the ticket(s).
11. In case the event is cancelled, postponed or its location is changed, KVITKI BY is not obligated to exchanges or refunds for the ticket. Exchanges and/or refunds are set and managed by the organiser of the event, if not otherwise stated.
12. KVITKI BY is not responsible for the contribution, comments or other data to the web-site which is provided by ticket-office users.
13. KVITKI BY ticket-office web-site may include references and links to worldwide information on the Internet. As KVITKI BY has no control over these sites and information provided there, KVITKI BY takes no responsibility for the exactness, relevance, content and information of these sites.
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16. Violation of ticket-office terms of use gives KVITKI BY the right to block access to and/or cancel a ticket order on any user.
17. By acting on ticket-office web-site its user agrees:
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2) to be a legal entity whose representative is authorised to use ticket-office on his behalf;
3) to follow all ticket-office terms of use;
4) to take full responsibility for the consequences if his/her username and password become known to a third party;
18. KVITKI BY disclaims any liability for cancelled events, their organisation, advertising, information or for any other circumstances connected with the events as well as for possible losses and damage that may result from the cancellation of an event. KVITKI BY is not responsible for any damages or losses whatsoever that result from the use of ticket-office web-site and/or its content and from the use of links on this web-site.
19. KVITKI BY does not check the identity of the user, except for the username and password.
20. KVITKI BY does not check the user's right to purchase tickets with discount. Purchasing a ticket with discount does not guarantee entrance to an event, entrance right on such occasions is checked on the venue.
21. Neither KVITKI BY nor organisers of events check the identity of a ticket owner or ticket purchaser, neither are they responsible for any damages whatsoever that may result from this.
22. KVITKI BY reserves the right to alter the terms of use without prior notice, alterations are put into effect by their publication on the web-site.
23. All complaints about the content, quality and advertising of an event should be presented to the organisers of events.
24. Any disagreements arising from the use of ticket-office web-site are handled by Minsk City Court according to the present terms of use and Belarussian laws.

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